Learn How to Massage Your Infant

Enhance your family bonding, help baby sleep better, stimulate growth and healthy development of your baby's body, mind and spirit and so much more.  Information learned through infant massage classes will be beneficial to your relationship through your child's entire lifetime.  Massage techniques can be adapted throughout all of the child's life to keep the bond strong between parent and child for a lifetime.  

Diane is a Certified Infant Massage Teacher and loves to work with families in both group settings and one-on-one.  One or both parents can learn as well as grandparents and any caregiver.  Each lesson is approximately one hour in length and consists of hands on time with your baby (or a demonstration doll) and discussions related to massage and parenting.  You will learn how to massage your baby one body part at a time and will be able to provide your baby with a full body massage by the end of a series of lessons.  You will also learn  how to incorporate massage in to your growing child's life from toddler to teenager.

Private Infant Massage Lessons

Enjoy a personalized learning experience in the privacy of your home.  Learn at a comfortable pace for you and your baby.  Generally two or three lessons will allow ample time to learn all of the information and you will always have the option to schedule as many lessons as you need to feel comfortable massaging your baby.

$60 Per Lesson

Group Infant Massage Lessons

Have fun learning in a group setting with other moms and dads.  Group lessons generally consist of 3 to 10 families and are taught over a series of three lessons usually a week apart.  

$95 For Three Lessons

Call or email me to join one of the classes listed on the right or to arrange lessons for yourself or your own group.  I can teach at your home or at any location you and your group has access to.  Organize and host five or more families for a series of lessons and receive 50% off the price of your lessons.  You can host the lessons in your home or at any appropriate sized facility you have access to.  Call me to discuss details and schedule lessons.  Please also feel free to let me know if you'd like me to form a class on a certain day or time.

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