Client Reviews

I am so grateful and honored to have such wonderful massage clients.  I appreciate all feedback that I receive from my clients as it helps me be the best massage therapist I can be.  Thank you all very much.  ~Diane

Caring Professional!  I had dislocated vertebrae in my neck.  Chiropractor Tracey Mendel corrected it.  She recommended massage therapy with Diane and I got my sanity back after 2 years of suffering!  Diane is extremely caring, a skilled, considerate, and patient therapist who is just plain nice.  My highest recommendation!!  ~Leslie C.   

Relaxation with company.  Diane is always so interested in me as a person, how I am feeling and what she can do to help me feel better at the current time.  It makes going there relaxing and enjoyable.  I have recommended many clients to her that feel the same way.  If you are looking for a wonderful experience that will be remembered by both, book now!  She won't forget you, or your beliefs, the next time you come in.  A great benefit!  Book now, you won't regret it!  ~S.B.

A true gem.  I have been working with Diane for a couple of years now and she only gets better.  She is one of the most warm, compassionate caring people I know.  In addition, she is passionate about her work and I feel amazing after each session.  I so look forward to my monthly massage.  She is the best!  ~Lori P.

REEEEEELAXXXXING!!!  Diane does such a wonderful job in totally relaxing you.  After a session I had no more sore muscles and I was totally relaxed in mind and body!  What a wonderful experience!  ~Bill M.

Excellent experience - Relaxing and calming...find yourself drifting off to an exotic island while all the stress is removed from your body and what amazing music to take you there.  ~W.C.

I never leave without scheduling my return visit - she is THAT great!  Diane is an amazing massage therapist!  I have never had such a true connection to a massage therapist before - she is so thorough and she knows exactly where I need the work.  I leave feeling completely relaxed, at peace and my body is ready for whatever comes our way.  I have recommended her to dozens of friends already and the ALL love her!!!  ~Kristina K.

Gifted Hands.  Diane is a natural!  She has an intuitive nature to her massage.  She has confident hands and is very professional.  I see her myself and refer my patients to her knowing they are in great hands!  ~Dr. Tracey

I can't wait to go back!  Diane is a real pro.  She started at the top of my head and loosened me up all the way down to my toes.  This took an hour and she even did the tips of my ears, which was a first for me.  Thorough and attuned to what was happening to my body, she relieved my stress and tension and I drove home struggling to stay awake because I was so relaxed.  I can't wait to book my next massage and I have already recommended Diane to my husband who could also use a massage.  Thank you, Diane!  ~Birgit B.

First massage but it won't be my last!  I had never had a massage before so I was unsure what to expect.  Diane immediately put me at ease and within seconds I felt years of pent up stress being gently but firmly massaged out of my body.  Diane worked out knots in my neck and back and all over!  After the hour was up, I felt invigorated and totally de-stressed.  The back pain that sent me finally to a masseuse was mitigated and I could move again.  I won't wait as long this time to return and I will return.  Thanks, Diane!  ~Kim K.

Best Massage Ever!  I have been getting massages for about 25 years, and after being introduced to Diane, I won't be going anywhere else to get my massage.  She really listens and knows exactly what she needs to do to make my aches and pains go away.  I almost always fall asleep because I am so relaxed.  I can't wait to go back!  ~Jeannine L. 

Super Full Body Massage.  Diane is a true professional.  I walked into the massage stiff and tight, and when I left I felt terrific and relaxed.  She adjusts the pressure that is applied to your comfort level while working on the troubled spots, that only her trained hands can find.  Thanks for the therapy!  ~Hank R.

Great.  Can't wait to go back.  Pain that I had in my neck for a year, is gone.  Diane is very professional and I felt very comfortable getting my massage.  She is close by too!  ~Nina E.

Wow!  What a relief to find such a competent massage therapist right here in Sparta.  Diane has a true gift for honing right in on where it hurts and she is lovely too!  Can't wait to go back.  ~Cathy J.

Wonderful.  Diane is very professional.  She is friendly and has a friendly personality.  Diane has a strong desire to make you comfortable and make those aches and pains go away.  I would recommend her to anyone needing to de-stress themselves.  ~Linda K.

Fantastic!  With more aches popping up as the years go by, it is great to be able to get some relief utilizing the services of Diane.  She is attentive, professional, pleasant, and does a wonderful job of deep tissue massage.  I walk out of her location feeling rejuvenated.  Would recommend her to anyone looking for pain relieving massage.  She's the best!  ~Mike L.

90 minute vacation!  What a Wonderful experience!  Just the right pressure and what a great escape mentally too!  Diane is the best masseuse I have ever had.  Very professional and very intuitive about stress points!  Highly recommended! ~Shelly G.

Prenatal massage.  Diane was so great and so was the massage.  She actually made me feel good and at 9 1/2 months pregnant that's pretty amazing!  I left feeling much better than when I arrived and much more relaxed.  ~Gina N.

Relaxing massage.  I am very comfortable with Diane.  She is always concerned with how I feel and the type of pressure she is using.  She is easy to talk to, and makes you feel very relaxed.  I would recommend her to everyone I know.  I always feel better when I leave her.  ~Cynthia P.

Exactly what I wanted.  Perfect massage, tailored to what I wanted.  Diane varied the pressure to exactly right for me.  She worked out the knots in my neck and shoulders and afterwards I felt so "loose" and relaxed in my upper body.  ~Diane M.

Diane listens.  When I tell some massage therapists what I want, they say the right words and then give the same massage as to any client.  Diane listened and I felt comforted and, yes, balanced.  ~Janet L.

Awesome massage!  Diane is fabulous!  She tailors the massage to your body's needs.  I just had one the other day and wow, I felt so amazingly relaxed!  It was absolutely the perfect end to a crazy week!  ~Kristen S. 

Diane is terrific.  Diane customizes the massage to your needs. She also actively seeks feedback and modifies her approach accordingly. I highly recommend Finding Balance Massage.  ~Karen A.

The best part of my "get healthy" routine.  Regular massages have helped with my sciatica, tension headaches and it has helped to lower my blood pressure by thirty points. All around a win win and I highly recommend Diane. Terrific atmosphere, very professional and conveniently located.  ~Kimberly R.

I think I found my help!  Diane, Thanks! I'll be seeing you again soon. I enjoyed our conversation and appreciate your knowledge and concern for your clients. I look forward to working through my healing together.  ~Debbie G.

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