Diane Bose, NCTM

Do you suffer from chronic back pain?  Neck pain?  Headaches?  Massage therapy is a powerful tool to relieve many of your aches and pains.  Massage is so much more than just a special pampering treat.  Massage has numerous proven health benefits and is a valuable investment in your health and well-being.

Finding Balance Massage Therapy is here to focus on you and your massage therapy needs.  Diane Bose is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and is honored to provide her clients with therapeutic and relaxing massages tailored to their needs.  

Benefits of Massage

~Reduces Stress
~Reduces Pain
~Increases Energy
~Improves Immunity
~Enhances Sleep Quality
~Reduces Fatigue
~Improves Concentration
~Decreases Anxiety
~Lowers Blood Pressure
~Increases Circulation

Even more benefits can be found under Massage Therapy.

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